Swift Family farm is located on the  serene eastern plains of Colorado, where the majestic mountains  captivate us and the quiet envelopes us.  The deer prance through the tall grass and the antelope really do roam.  Our children are surrounded by wildlife and as such, they love the outdoors.  God’s beauty lives all around us!

We spent the last fifteen years dreaming that one day we would be able to move away from crowded suburbia, where you can reach out and touch your neighbor and yet no one knew your name.  The Lord finally opened doors for us when we least expected it and made it possible for us to purchase a beautiful property in Kiowa, Colorado.

It’s been over 5 years now and we absolutely love it! We have almost 11 acres and now raise chickens for meat & eggs, Nubian & Nigerian goats for milk, and Angora Rabbits for wool.

Our entire family works hard each day loving on and caring for our animals.   Since we also homeschool, farm life has added just another avenue for us to teach our children about hard work and dedication, caring for others, and building a business.  They are learning valuable life long lessons on the farm.  Farm life isn’t for the faint of heart and it’s definitely a labor of love!

We have been members of the local county 4H Club, since 2015 and are very lucky to have found wonderful mentors to help us with any challenges big and small along the way.  We are so grateful for the land and animals God has given us and wouldn’t trade it for the world!