Adventuring Out

The puppies are growing more independent by the day.  Now on kibble and mush, adventuring out and exploring with the goats.  Mama is spending more time away and puppies are bundles of fun.  Now, ranging from 6-7lbs each at 4 weeks old.  We have introduced them to a dog door, which leads to a separate run for Mama and the puppies.  However, most of the puppies have figured out how to slip through the gates and visit the goats during the day.  They also like the cool shade under the “Buck Barn.”

Little Green Girl likes to sit in the middle of the food bowl and eat the food around her.  Teal Boy is our food hog, jumping from one bowl to the other.  Black Girl is the smallest at just under 6lbs, but she is also the most laid back of the group. (she’s the one falling asleep in the food bowl).  Red Girl and Blue Girl are the most active of the group.  While Purple loves to set herself apart and hang with the goats, instead of sleeping with her puppy mates (that’s her sleeping on the goat side of the barn).

We are so enjoying our time with them, so fun to watch them quickly becoming more independent.

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